Is it time to move, build, renovate or revisit your financial situation?

Buying your first home, investment property or your last home can be stressful. With the knowledge we have of providing mortgage options everyday to our clients we can take the stress out of this process. 

As a first home buyer you may be looking at using your KiwiSaver as part of your deposit or looking to apply to Housing NZ for the first home buyers grant. If you have been in KiwiSaver for a minimum of 3 years then you may be eligible to withdraw all but $1,000 from your funds, plus if you have made contributions to your KiwiSaver for a continuous 3 years then you can apply for a grant from Housing NZ for a $1,000 for every year you have been contributing to a maximum of $5,000. This grant can be doubled if you intend to build. There are price caps on how much you can purchase to, or build up to, depending on your location. The following link may be useful and answer some of your questions there is also a tab to apply online for the grant. You also need to apply to your KiwiSaver provider to get your contributions out and can do this as a pre-approval. Just contact your provider to get them to send you the forms or go online to get them.

To get the kiwisaver contribution details, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Click in 'MyKiwiSaver'
  • Login using your IRD Online Services user name and password
  • Select 'View Transactions'
  • Click on the drop down box to select 'Deductions from Salary/Wages'
  • Change the start date to '1st July 2007' (default date for the KiwiSaver scheme)
  • Click on Apply filter
  • Click 'view all pages' then print or save 

All this may sound scary but rest assured we are here to guide you through the steps. 

There is a lot to think about when you look to finance your first home, your next home, a holiday home or an investment property. It is important to seek professional advice from one of our team of mortgage brokers who will guide you.

Knowing all the options before you start helps take the stress away from those major decisions.

It can be harder too when you want to build a new home or renovate your existing home. There are different options, and knowing about the various options and how they work can ensure that you get the best results.

Mortgage Link Advisers are specialist loan brokers who have access to a wide variety of banks and non-bank lenders and can therefore source the loan that suits your specific situation. As well as the standard bank home loans, Mortgage Link can help with low deposit home loans, low doc loans for self-employed, specialist loans for people that have some credit impairment and debt consolidation loans.

Our mortgage advisers are there to help you.

Mortgage Link advisers have specialist knowledge and access to various options so you can be assured that we can tailor the best and most affordable mortgage packages for you. They understand how important these financial decisions are to you and will always go that extra mile for you.

 Want to hear more – it costs nothing to ask and you might be pleasantly surprised at the difference that good advice can make.

Contact us today!

First Home

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