Cindy Gibbs

Cindy Gibbs

If something happened to you and you couldn’t work, who would take care of your family ? Bills ? Mortgage payments ? 
Can you really rely on your insurance ? You’d be surprised how many people find they can’t.
You might have insurance, but not properly understand it. Or not have the right kind. Or not have enough. Or you might have unnecessary insurance,  that can be bettered tailored and cost less for better cover.  Conversely, you may have no insurance, and find it all too difficult.
I specialise in the field of risk insurance, which includes life, trauma, income protection, disability cover and health insurance. But I can also help with fire insurance and general insurance needs.
I take a holistic approach, because good cover is different for each person.

At claim time, when you are at your most vulnerable, you need a strong, informed advocate who has covered all the bases.

And why is that me ?

Because it happened to me.


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